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    Please refer to this information when considering your budget.

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    Available on the same day depending on availability. Please call us if you are in a hurry.

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    In a hotel room?


    Have you confirmed with the hotel whether or not decorations are allowed and what the rules are?

    Please confirm with the hotel you plan to stay at whether or not the balloon decorator will be allowed to enter the room.

    *In some cases, decorations may not be allowed, or there may be rules and regulations regarding the use of decorations.

    If you have not done so, please contact us in advance to confirm.

    Regarding the timing of decoration, would it be before/after check-in?


    Will our guests be present?


    *When you are present, regardless of whether you enter or leave the room during the decoration, you are allowed to leave as soon as the decoration is started & completed.

    If decorating before check-in or while you are away, what is the estimated time of your guests' arrival?

    Are the person making the balloon reservation and the person making the hotel reservation under the same name?


    *Please let us know the name of the person who made the hotel reservation if it is different.

    Name of person making hotel reservations

    Requests and other inquiries Description

    Please fill out the reservation and inquiry form to confirm and submit your information.
    We will contact you within 24 hours after confirming the contents.
    If you have not heard from us within 24 hours, please call us at 050-1743-8392.