Congratulatory gift for new president or promotion

Celebrate your inauguration/promotion/promotion with a balloon/flower stand.

We can deliver a balloon/flower stand with the logo of the company being celebrated and with balloons/flowers that match the theme colors for a perfect fit.

We also handle decorations for in-house celebrations.

Oliseh's Celebration Balloon

We are widely requested for corporate celebrations such as relocation, store opening, inauguration, listing, and anniversary celebrations.

In addition to phalaenopsis orchids, flower stands, and houseplants, ORYZAE Celebrations' balloon stands are a popular new celebration option.

Customized and full orders are also available. We can also change the color or add your company logo.

About the sign

A star-shaped balloon or a white round balloon is attached with a stand that matches the content of the celebration, such as "Congratulations on your inauguration," "Congratulations on your promotion," "Congratulations on your promotion," etc., in red letters.

Recommended decoration details

In the case of an inauguration, promotion, or promotion to a higher position, it is one idea to include the logo of the company to which the recipient belongs or to match the corporate colors, but since the recipient is an individual, it is also recommended to match the color of the gift to his/her personal taste.

In addition to the above plans, we offer a variety of other plans and options.
You can also find examples in the gallery.