Production of photo spots and photo booths

Photo spots play an important role in helping participants capture special moments of the event and preserve them as memories. It also serves as a catalyst for viral sharing of the event through social networking and other means. After the event is over, they can be used as promotional materials on official SNSs and websites to raise expectations for the next event, thereby playing a multifaceted role as a key to the success of the event.

Features of ORYZAE's Photo Spot and Photo Booth

We design a wide range of textures to suit your image, from events with a luxurious atmosphere to those with a pop atmosphere or for children. We are happy to decorate important moments in a wide variety of situations, including formal events such as high-brand events, listing parties, and embassy events; photo spots at commercial facilities, new product exhibition events, and large-scale live concerts; and school events, where the people who gather and the purpose of the event are diverse. We can also accommodate a wide range of budgets from several tens of thousands of yen to one million yen.

1. photo spot that tends to be flat with only panels and posters, but with balloons, flowers, etc., it becomes a rich, three-dimensional space with depth.

2. color printing on balloons as well as panels and posters

3. nationwide support

We support from Hokkaido to Okinawa. We also support events held simultaneously in multiple regions such as Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

To the design decision of photo spots and photo booths

The design will affect the items that can be used, etc., so please refer to the considerations when creating your photo spot. However, the ORYZAE concierge will confirm the details during the consultation, so you do not need to worry about the details as long as you keep in mind that the items that can be used vary depending on the considerations.

Back Panel / Back Board

The first major point is the presence or absence of back decoration. The advantage is that it is easy to express a large logo, company name, or event name. Also, since the walls and backsides can be hidden, they can be easily dyed in the color of the event, creating an extraordinary atmosphere. Back panels and backboards by themselves can be used as photo spots. On the other hand, since the cost will be spent on the back, a certain amount of the total budget will be allocated to this area, reducing the amount of money that can be spent on decorations that create a three-dimensional effect in front of the back. In cases where the back of the photo spot looks good enough as it is, there is a pattern of not decorating the back of the photo spot.

Examples of photo spots with back panels and backboards [Yes

Example of photo spot with back panel/back board [no back panel/back board].

You can also use a photo prop that you can hold in your hand.

Considerations when creating a photo spot

  1. Photo Spot Exhibit Period
  2. Photo spot location may be outdoors or indoors.
  3. Time spent setting up photo spot
  4. Budget allocation and cost sensitivity to photo spots

Photo Spot Exhibit Period

The balloons and flowers that can be used will vary depending on the duration of the exhibition, such as just the day of the exhibition, 2-3 days, 1-2 weeks, or 1-2 months. If the exhibition period is longer, we will consult with you on appropriate measures and designs, such as maintenance work to ensure that the scenery of the photo spot does not deteriorate. In some cases, it may be possible to extend the display period by applying a special coating. In such cases, the price will vary from the gallery price for the same design.

2. whether the photo spot is to be set up outdoors or indoors

Outdoor conditions are harsher for decorations due to outdoor air, ultraviolet rays, and temperature changes (which vary depending on winter, summer, etc.). The balloons and flowers that can be used may change, and materials that can last for a week indoors may not last more than one or two days outdoors, etc. Some decorations can be displayed outdoors for a month, for example.

3. time spent on setting up the photo spot

In order to minimize on-site set-up time as much as possible, we will prepare the items in advance and bring them to the site. However, the time required for on-site work varies depending on the content and size. The time required for setup may vary depending on conditions such as limited setup time at a rented venue.

4. budget allocation and cost sensitivity to photo spots

The budget for a photo spot varies from several tens of thousands of yen to one million yen. We will make proposals according to your budget. We have a gallery of case studies with prices listed, so please refer to that for a sense of cost. There are also patterns such as moving the items that were initially placed at the entrance to the photo spot or stage in the middle of the event to create a sense of volume while taking into consideration the overall budget. In this case, we will make a proposal for a design that can be moved by everyone.

In addition to the above plans, we offer a variety of other plans and options.
You can also find examples in the gallery.