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  • live music

    Various compositions such as classical, jazz, opera, and Japanese instruments are available. We also accept requests for various patterns of live music usage, as follows. As background music for meetings ・Incorporate live music as part of events Incorporate live music as staging as the meeting progresses. We can also accommodate a wide range of instruments (piano, violin, cello, flute, harp, saxophone, trumpet, guitar, bass, taiko, koto, etc.) and instrumentation (solo, duet, trio, quartet, etc.).

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  • Live band karaoke

    Karaoke with a live band playing in the background. The most exciting karaoke with powerful live sound that is different from ordinary karaoke. Depending on the composition, they may hum along with the song. *Please consult with us for prior confirmation of equipment and venue.

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  • magician

    Both patterns are possible: table magic (close-up magic), which is performed at close range for a small number of people who can gather around a table, and stage magic, which is a magic show for a larger audience.

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  • crown

    Clown or clown is a general term for a person who amuses others by dressing, acting, speaking, or behaving in a comical manner. It has a long history and various forms around the world, including the Fool in ancient Egypt, the court clown (Jester) in medieval Europe, and the clown (Clown) and clown (Pierrot) in street performances and circuses. Sometimes pranks are played to entertain visitors and bring them closer to the performers. It is recommended for parties with children, such as Family Day, where you can twist balloons to make and distribute animals, mime, and so on.

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  • face painting

    Face Painting" is an art form that allows people to enjoy painting on their faces as if they were drawing on a sheet of construction paper. They range from small illustrations and marks, such as painting the same mark on everyone, to patterns, etc., on the entire face to make it look like a cat, tiger, etc. Face and body painting has a synergistic effect that enhances the feeling of exhilaration - a different, fun, "excited" or "thrilled" feeling. It takes about one hour to paint each person, for example, around 15 painters for a single point. Please contact us for details on painting content and number of participants.

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  • flare bartending

    Flair bartending is a show in which bartenders create cocktails by acrobatically tossing and turning bottles, shakers, glasses, and other items in an entertaining manner. Fire performances are also very powerful when held outdoors. It's a perfect way to get the adults involved in the celebration by having them participate a bit in the festivities or create cocktails that match the theme colors. Our active flair bartenders, including a world champion in flair bartending, will be on hand to make your celebration a success.

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