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  • Balloon Decorations & Gifts

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  • Flower Decorations & Gifts

    Floral decoration of a party venue. Creation of centerpieces. Gifts of bouquets for the main guests. Initially available as an option for balloon decorations, we have recently started accepting requests for floral decorations only.

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  • champagne tower

    Champagne towers are a spectacular way to celebrate your event. The term "champagne tower" conjures up images of glasses stacked in tiers and champagne poured from the top. But in addition, it is often set up and decorated as a purely ornamental champagne tower, with food and fruit placed in champagne glasses and decorated, or with somen noodles placed in champagne glasses with tsuyu (soy sauce) poured over the top. The Champagne Tower is a great way to add an element of entertainment and excitement to the occasion. ORYZAE Celebrations offers not only champagne towers, but also space decorations to make your celebration even more spectacular. Champagne Tower Service Details We can arrange all the necessary glasses, stands, etc. for the champagne tower on a rental basis. Our staff will handle all aspects of the champagne tower, including travel, installation, and removal. We will also clean the champagne glasses for you, so you don't have to worry about it. There is no charge for business trips to Minato, Chiyoda, Chuo-ku, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Meguro, Shinagawa, Koto, Sumida, Taito, and Bunkyo wards of Tokyo. We can also visit Yokohama, Kawasaki, Saitama, Chiba, etc. for a business trip fee of 5,000 to 10,000 yen (x2 for installation and collection). In addition to standard triangular and rectangular type towers with 5, 7, or 10 tiers, we can also produce originally designed towers to meet your needs. The champagne/sparkling wine itself must be prepared separately from this service (please contact us if you need to prepare it). In implementing the Champagne Tower The size of the stand for the tower is 70 cm (L) x 70 cm (W) x 90 cm (H) for up to 8 tiers, and 90 cm (H) x 90 cm (W) x 90 cm (H) for 9 or 10 tiers. The glass is 11 cm per tier; 55 cm for 5 tiers and 110 cm for 10 tiers are added to the 90 cm height of the stand. Pour champagne into the champagne tower. When pouring champagne into a champagne tower, pouring from the top does not mean that all glasses can be poured evenly and side by side. Some portions will spill on the table, and some glasses will not be distributed, so please pour from the side during the process. If you want to pour into all the glasses side by side, you will need about 15~20 bottles of champagne for 7 tiers of rectangles (140 glasses). In reality, not all glasses are poured evenly and side by side, so many people enjoy 7 to 10 bottles even with 7 tiers of squares.

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