Inquiries and Reservations

For reservations, consultations, or any other questions regarding party and event decorations, please contact us using the form below.

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    Available on the same day depending on availability. Please call us if you are in a hurry.

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    *Please allow a normal one-hour time frame for delivery.

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    Please refer to this information when considering your budget.

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    Please fill out the reservation and inquiry form to confirm and submit your information. We will contact you within 24 hours after confirming the contents. If you have not heard from us within 24 hours, please call us at 050-1743-8392.


    • Payment is requested via bank transfer.
    • Delivery and on-site decoration are provided free of charge for Chiyoda, Chuo, Minato, Shibuya, Meguro, Shinjuku, and Shinagawa wards. For other areas, additional delivery and on-site fees apply.
    • We ask our customers to confirm decoration permissions at hotels and restaurants.
    • Photos taken after decoration may be posted on our website and other platforms, in a form that does not allow personal identification.
    • For inquiries by email: []
      Please provide the following information:
      ① Your name and phone number
      ② Desired delivery date
      ③ Gallery number
    • 【For customers in a hurry】
      For initial inquiries received after 6 PM, 2 days prior to the desired delivery date, an additional 20% express fee will be added to the total balloon charge.
      Please note this in advance.
      (Example: If the desired delivery date is May 25, no express fee will apply for inquiries received by 6 PM on May 23.)