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We are looking for full-time and part-time employees to work with us!

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Full-time, part-time, part-time, outsourcing (with employee promotion)

Job Description

①Delivery (driver) & local decoration

We can deliver & set up on-site at companies, hotels, private homes, etc. There are almost no heavy loads because the main deliveries are balloons.
Female and male drivers active! We will provide thorough training until you are able to operate and set up by yourself.

(2) Balloon decorator

This job is to make gifts for celebrations and decorate venues with balloons (balloons). We are looking for people who can deliver balloons to customers in a friendly, fun and thoughtful manner, as this is a service to assist with celebrations!

Concierge for responding to inquiries

This job involves consulting with the client and proposing the contents of the decorations, etc. This role is to accompany the client to the very end to make the celebration a memorable moment until the day of the celebration.

④Desk work such as data registration, site updates, etc.

A lot of registration and updating of images, information, etc. occurs in the daily decoration. This includes creating sheets with details about the production, sending & reporting completed photos to the client, managing photos taken at the site, and uploading new photos, etc. to the site. We would like someone who can accurately carry out these tasks while checking with relevant staff.

(5) Engineer

System development for end users
Development of systems to support overall business processes
System development (we have introduced more than 10 systems such as Salesforce) for smooth operation of the entire business process, starting from receiving inquiries, confirming requests, managing production progress, and managing delivery operations. (We have implemented more than 10 different systems such as Salesforce, etc.) and operation of BI tools to visualize such data in an easy-to-understand manner for all staff members.
We are currently moving forward with the help of our external partners. We would like to have someone who can be a playing manager who can oversee the internal systems. As this is a start-up of a system department, you will be working alone with the help of external partners. We are looking for a person who can first build the foundation of the internal system by working with his/her own hands. We have a rough idea of what kind of system we would like to create, and this will be the work to make it concrete.

(6) Marketing Manager

The candidate must be able to carry out the entire process of making ORYZAE Celebrations known and receiving inquiries. You will be responsible for the website, SNS, advertising, and partnerships in collaboration with external partners.

Human Resources We Seek

No experience with balloons is welcome.
This job involves proposing and creating gifts and venue decorations that suit the customer while combining tens of thousands of different balloons.
This is not a store style where customers visit our store on the spur of the moment, but a style where we receive requests from our website or business partners, consult with them via LINE, e-mail, or phone to determine the content, and then deliver or travel to their location to decorate.

Welcome conditions

Must be able to drive a car.
The person who has good dexterity in making balloons and can enjoy and take care of the production process.
A bright, positive and pleasant communicator.
Those who can work with us for a long time.

Type of work (full-time employee)

Working hours and days

Two days off per week (days of the week, etc. can be negotiated) Hours are about 8 hours per day (hours can be negotiated between 9~22:00 to suit your needs)

Treatment and Benefits

Full social insurance

employment status

Full-time employee *Trial period: 6 months

wage structure

250,000~500,000 yen /month *Includes fixed overtime pay
Example: 250,000 yen/month, including 40 hours of fixed overtime
Bonus based on performance

Type of work (part-time)

Working hours and days

From 3 days a week (days of the week, etc. can be negotiated) Hours: 5 to 8 hours a day (hours can be negotiated between 9~10 p.m. to suit your needs)

Treatment and Benefits

Full social insurance, employee promotions available

employment status

Part-time and part-time (with promotion to employee)

wage structure

1,150-2,200 yen per hour *Training period is 1,080 yen per hour.


4~8 minutes walk from Shimbashi, Daimon, Hamamatsucho and Onarimon Stations


We're looking for members who are willing to work with us for the long haul! You can start working immediately. There are few rules, and we are flexible and consultative in everything we do, so please consult with us about many things.

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